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Three Tips to Meal Prep Like A Pro

Feeding yourself, let alone your family, can feel like an overwhelming and time-consuming feat. Don’t panic, setting aside a side couple of hours at the beginning of your week can set you up for quick and healthful meals all week long. Here are my top tips to meal prep like a pro. Bonus, they’ll help cut food waste and help you save on your grocery bill too.

Your freezer, your friend

Stock that freezer full of items to easily bring together a healthful meal. Cook large batches of beans or whole grains and transfer to the freezer pre-portioned or bulk in freezer bags. Beyond meaning you won’t even have to pull out a can opener, frozen bulk beans are crazy cheap and cut out the wasteful can too.

Not sure what’s for lunch? A bed of rice and beans topped with any fresh veg and a homemade sauce should fit the bill and come together in less than 5 minutes.

Plan to get snacky

Inevitably, over the course of the week there will be a snack attack. Planning ahead and prepping snacks in advance won’t leave you elbow deep in a bag of chips. Homemade versions of commonplace snacks like roasted nuts, hummus, muffins or energy balls are much better for you than their takeout counterparts and ring in at a fraction of the cost.

Add at least one version of these tasty treats to your weekly prep and you’ll learn not to fear the 3pm energy dip.

Make it saucy

During your weekly prep time make at least one sauce or dressing. Any meal topped with a delicious wholesome sauce will undoubtedly taste delicious too.

Salads, whole grain bowls and stir fries are all elevated from mundane to mouth-watering with the right sauce. Think a peanut sauce, a tasty yeast dressing, or even a simple vinaigrette.

Still need a bit more help to get dinner on the table in a flash? Book your free 15 minute discovery call to find out how Beth can help you become a meal prep pro.

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